Why Nokia/Symbian?

Let’s tackle the elephant in the room first. Of the user bases of different mobile operating systems, Nokia probably has simultaneously some of the oldest and some of the hardest to please. Nokia’s Symbian has been around a long time, so many people call the UI dated, which is understandable.But it’s hard for me to so neatly say no to an established platform, especially when I don’t care about the size of it’s app store or how accurate the touchscreen is. S60 works well enough so far, so it certainly was not going to stop me from buying this phone.

That being said, full disclosure. I did have a few problems. If they were small issues, then I wouldn’t even be mentioing it, but some were pretty serious. They were the kind of problems that could potentially make you return the phone, but I’m patient, and a perfectionist. It’s now working better than I had planned on it functioning, but I can understand that the idea of spending time to make it work would be a dealbreaker. For now though, let’s just say that I’m very much happy with how it’s wokring now. I’ll be getting into more detail later on.


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