Nokia E72: messaging

Messaging is good on this phone – get a good grip on the shortcuts and you will be guaranteed to be the quickest texter/emailer/mobile blogger on the planet. A new text message is just one long-press away, and the excellent keyboard is conducive to fast typing. 

I have it set up with both my Gmail address (Nokia messaging handles Yahoo and numerous other webmail services as well) and my work email through mail for exchange – this fetches contacts, calendar items, and tasks as well. 

So the phone does everything messaging wise – you will not lack for options here. But (full disclosure, as promised) it is somewhat complex to set up. Nokia messaging is the most awkward, with no real clear instructions. It is apparently necessary to set it up online as well as on the phone, and even then, the phone will not pull messages over unless it is on the single network you’ve configured it with. This is not a problem if it’s set up with a data connection – it’s a huge issue if you’re strictly on wireless like I am. So although I have it set up, I don’t use Gmail on the phone that much. This is one of a handful of things that would be easier if I had a data plan – but these plans need to be far cheaper for the actual data rate they get and how much they actually cost networks. But, I digress – suffice it to say that messaging is good, with caveats. 


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