Fish Ladder

One way to facilitate nature’s process of reproduction for freshwater fish, without eliminating an important renewable energy source.

via Pruned by Alexander Trevi on 11/6/10

Fish Ladders
(The John Day dam fish ladder. Photo courtesy of the Army Corps of Engineers. Source.)

Instead of constructing a fish ladder only long enough for migrating fish to bypass a single dam, how about one that bypasses not just that one dam or every dam on the river but the entire river itself?

Starting at the mouth of the river, it loops and curlicues a new hydrological continuum, passing through forests and hills and even cities, doing arabesques around mountains, sometimes on stilts and sometimes tethered. And sometimes it flows besides its parent river, which has been nearly desiccated by global warming, Aral Sea-style irrigations, over damming by energy gluttons or Los Angeles and Phoenix. Awaiting the fishes at the end is a reservoir replicating their ancient spawning grounds.

Along the banks of this artificial river valley, this infrastructure of pure ethology, might be a series of public viewing areas from which to view the endangered spectacle of wild animal migration. And/or catch dinner.


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