Working 8-bit CPU in Minecraft


via Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow on 11/12/10

Lazcraft has completed his continued work on his Minecraft CPU project (not to be confused with theInternetFTW’s remarkable 8-bit Minecraft computer project). He now has a full, working 8-bit computer made of Minecraft blocks and other gubbins, “with 8 bytes of RAM, an output register, a code-loader and the ability to branch conditionally and unconditionally.”

You can’t see the code loader as it’s on the other side and is shorter than everything else. The clock is the shorter thing at the bottom right of screen. ALU on the left, memory at the top right, and the rest is registers for the accumulator, program counter, code and addresses.

This is the list of op codes:

1 – memory
2 + memory
3 OR memory
4 WRITE memory
5 BRANCH if Accumulator = 0
6 AND memory
7 LOAD memory
9 – constant
10 + constant
11 OR constant
12 WRITE out
13 BRANCH unconditionally
14 AND constant
15 LOAD constant

Working CPU with RAM, branching, etc… (video added) (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


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