John Barry: James Bond Composer Dies at 77


via – Passionate about movies by Krystal Clark on 1/31/11

John Barry James Bond 31 1 11 kc John Barry: James Bond Composer Dies at 77

This morning, we have sad news to report. John Barry, the award winning composer best known for the scores present in the early James Bond films has passed away. According to Deadline, Barry died in New York of a heart attack at the age of 77. He leaves behind a cinematic legacy that’s littered with classic scores and generation defining tunes that no one will ever be able to recreate.

Over the course of his career, Barry won five Academy Awards for his work on films such as Born Free, The Lion In Winter, Out of Africa and Dances With Wolves. He also wrote the soundtracks for 11 James Bond films including Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice. Other notable films on his resume are Midnight Cowboy, The Ipcress File and Body Heat just to name a few.

The British musician had a major effect on younger composers including David Arnold, who took over the Bond scores after Barry.

Arnold said of Barry, “He was the reason why I got into film music. It’s a profound loss for everyone. He was gruff and forthright and hilarious. But it’s the musical legacy that’s astonishing. The music he wrote often transcended the film he wrote it for. James Bond would have been far less cool without John Barry holding his hand.”

He influenced an entire generation and his talent will truly be missed.

John Barry R.I.P.

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