Microsoft To Work With Windows Phone 7 Jailbreakers

This speaks to fundamental difference between Apple and Microsoft – Apple locks down any rogue development that might affect how their product functions, whereas MS traditionally (don’t know how good XBOX has been at this) has taken a more lax approach. I don’t know that one approach is better than another, but I know that the more locks there are against use of any product, the more you’re limiting the potential of that product.

via Slashdot by timothy on 2/12/11

markass530 writes "Microsoft had a sit down with the first people to jailbreak their Windows Phone 7. Seems like good progress was made. This seems like a good approach to me. It would be great if Sony, Apple, Microsoft, and several Android phone makers would implement a simple development switch in their phones — these would obviously void the warranty, but it would give hackers the opportunity to actually own their devices without fear of having to jailbreak all over again whenever an update arrives."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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