Coca-Cola Says Revealed Recipe Is Not The Real Deal

You’re also gravely mistaken if you think the formula has not changed since then.

via The Consumerist by Chris Morran on 2/16/11

The internet has been abuzz this week with reports that Coca-Cola’s secret recipe had been inadvertently leaked in a 1979 newspaper story. But the beverage behemoth is attempting to kill that buzz by saying that the revealed recipe isn’t authentic.

“Many third parties, including ‘This American Life,’ have tried to crack our secret formula,” said a rep for Coke. “Try as they might, they’ve been unsuccessful because there is only one ‘Real Thing.'”

We’ll let you pause while you rinse the marketing speak out of your ears.

Coca-Cola’s archive director told This American Life that the discovered recipe could be a precursor to what ultimately became the world’s biggest soft drink, but added, “Is this the one that went to market? I don’t think so.”

Coca-Cola says found recipe isn’t the real thing [MSNBC]


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