Rendered – 2013 Toyota Camry

color me interested.

via Steering News by Shrawan Raja on 2/27/11

Will the next generation Camry look this conceptish? Toyota’s styling direction is showing signs of breaking the conservative mold it earned with the previous generation Corolla and Camry sedans. The new Yaris and the more recent Prius spin-offs look very modern. More importantly they are not new and better past vehicles. They are taking off in a new direction with bold and courageous design ingredients.

2013 Toyota Camry

The name “Camry” in Japanese means crown. Toyota stuck to the crown naming tradition on its other sedans Corona and Corolla which mean crown in other languages. The Toyota Crown sedan was one another vehicle sold back in the 90s.

Returning back to the 2013 Camry, the Sonata YF is arguably the best looking vehicle in its segment. Honda and Toyota are still running with slightly outdated cars despite recent mild makeovers. It is common sense for Toyota to build on the Camry’s existing strengths – space, comfort, refinement and features. If it has to be on par with the competition, the styling has to be transformed. Toyota will continue offering the range of petrol engines along with the gas-electric option.

It will be interesting to see if the 2013 Camry range is complete with a plugin-electric powertrain sourced from Tesla.

Source – Burlapp Cars


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