Patrick’s Law

via DeadFix by Myner on 4/3/11

I have a soft spot for stuff like this, especially since this dog reminds me of one of mine. Please take 5 minutes from looking at tits, ass, and cool shit and read this and watch the videos (watch them on mute the songs are pretty sad and depressing). I am a proud owner of two adopted rescue dogs which have been nothing short of amazing. I would never buy a dog knowing that there are thousands of great dogs being put down everyday. Please always consider adopting a dog, there are all kinds of breeds at shelters and rescues. Dogs from breeders always end up with health problems do to over breeding and bloodlines. Muts usually end up being more obedient and healthier. Rescue dogs some how know that they dodged a bullet and will be very grateful and loving.


As horrific as this image is, you’d think it’s a dead dog, but it is not. This is what Patrick looked like on March 16, 2011, when he was found in a plastic bag in a dumpster. Miraculously, he was still alive, even in this condition! But here’s the biggest horror… The person who did this to him will get a maximum sentence of either six months jail time, or only a $1000 fine with community service. Is that justice? Not even close! But the judge’s hands are tied. This is how the law is written based on the charges that were filed. This MUST change!

This handsome boy is Patrick. His human starved him to death, put his nearly lifeless and emaciated body in a plastic garbage bag, then threw him down the garbage chute in a Newark apartment building.

Days later and against all odds, a maintenance man saw the bag moving and discovered Patrick was alive… Barely.

This story has touched millions of people around the world, making Patrick the Poster Puppy for stronger animal abuse legislation.

No animal deserves to be abused, abandoned or neglected. It’s time to encourage and pressure your elected officials to support the upcoming bill called Patrick’s Law, where all animal abuse will be treated as a felony with lengthy prison terms and hefty fines imposed as punishment.

We will not rest until all animal abusers are in prison for their heinous and inexcusable crimes against all animal companions. Will you volunteer to help with this historic grassroots movement?

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