One Congressman Worse Than the Nudie-Twitter Pic Dude

Weiner made a mistake, but most of his constituents don’t seem to care, so why in hell should we?

via The Awl by Choire Sicha on 6/9/11

Everyone’s been paying a lot of attention to one member of Congress these last two weeks, and next to none about the ones we should really be worried about. Let’s start with David Rivera, recently cleared by the FEC for paying a third party to run attack ads, but what about everything else, it is pointed out today? Such as: half a million dollars from a dog track? The amended financial disclosure forms, after his reports that attributed his income to USAID were rebutted by… USAID? Also, yes, there is that time that his car somehow ran down an opponent’s truck that was carrying fliers that were, well, “produced by Rivera’s campaign opponent at the time, that included a last-minute attack on Rivera’s character and detailed past domestic violence accusations against him.” Still under investigation by at least two agencies, his Wikipedia is a battleground!

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