Theater Warning: No Refund If You Don’t Understand The Movie

Do people actually go to see a movie they wouldn’t have heard of at all?

(I’m not surprised that they ask for a refund after they don’t like it)

via The Consumerist by Chris Morran on 6/24/11

Director Terence Malick’s latest film, The Tree of Life, may have won over the jury at the Cannes Film Festival, but it appears to be having such a polarizing effect on the moviegoers at one Connecticut theater that the owners felt obliged to post this reminder.

Pointing out that the “uniquely visionary and deeply philosophical film” doesn’t exactly follow the narrative conventions many moviegoers expect when they see something starring Brad Pitt, the theater advises:

We encourage patrons to read up on the film before choosing to see it, and for those electing to attend, please go in with an open mind and know that the Avon has a NO-REFUND policy once you have purchased a tickat to see one of our films.

I can’t decide if this is awesome or just plain sad… [@nextprojection via TheAwl]

Thanks to RandomHookup for the tip!


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