A Christmas Twittacle

via The Consumerist by Ben Popken on 8/18/11

Before boarding his plane from Tampa to Newark, Peter Shankman jokingly asked Morton’s Steakhouse over Twitter if they could meet him with a porterhouse steak when he landed. Lo and behold, they did.

Shankman blogs:

Looking for my driver, I saw my name, waved to him, and started walking to the door of EWR, like I’d done hundreds of times before.

“Um, Mr. Shankman,” he said.

I turned around.

“There’s a surprise for you here.”

I turned to see that the driver was standing next to someone else, who I just assumed was another driver he was talking to. Then I noticed the “someone else” was in a tuxedo.

And he was carrying a Morton’s bag.It’s another Twittacle! Which, of course, refers to “Twitter miracle.”

Shankman is a frequent diner at Morton’s Steakhouse and they know him by name based on his mobile phone number, no matter which city he calls from to make a reservation. So that, plus his 100,000+ Twitter followers and job as a social media entrepreneur who writes about PR stunts probably had something to do with getting Morton’s attention. Still, a pretty awesome story. Pretty much any story that ends in steak in awesome.

The Greatest Customer Service Story Ever Told, Starring Morton’s Steakhouse [shankman] (Thanks to Tero!)


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