$250 Laptop Turns Out To Be Made Of Paper

When a guy with gold teeth in a parking lot offers you cheap electronics, you’re probably about to get shafted.

via The Consumerist by Ben Popken on 9/2/11

Two women bought what they thought was a laptop for $250. Upon opening, it it turned out to be a packet of paper wrapped in black tape.

The women were approached in a gas station parking lot by a man who said he had received laptops in shipping boxes at a discount.

The incident happened in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the same town where earlier this week it was reported that a woman bought what she thought was a $180 iPad that turned out to be a piece of painted wood.

Police says the man is 5’11” and weighs ~130 lbs. He travels with another man in a white four-door and sports a grill in his mouth with four gold teeth.

Once again, scammers exploit greedy people who think they’re scamming one over themselves. House of Games, anyone?

Police: Fake Electronics Salesmen Strike Again [WSPA] (Thanks to Chris!)

Woman Finds She Now Has $180 iWood Instead Of iPad


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