You Have One New Death

Fuck this felt graphic.

via The Awl by The Awl on 8/31/11

Now we find out when a friend dies because another friend joins a Facebook group called “Remembering R.A.”

As far as we know, R. A. is alive and well in South America, getting hammered every night at hostels and making friends, so we click on a link and see that somebody made a group for people to reminisce and post pictures about R.A.

This group now serves as a notification that a 25-year-old has died.

Now we frantically scan his Facebook page to see what his last post was, but he wasn’t a big Facebook user and the last thing he posted was an August 13 album called “Nueva Camera,” and a status update joking about how Lima was the foggiest place he’d ever seen. It is now August 20. He has been dead for one day.

Read the rest at The Hairpin.

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