McDonald’s Manager Interrupts Attempting Coneing


via The Consumerist by Ben Popken on 9/20/11

“Coneing” is a “trend” where “people” have their “friends” YouTube them grabbing an ice cream cone from a fast food place by the top of the ice cream instead of the cone. The “comedy” arises out of the shocked reactions from the unsuspecting fast food workers seeing the customer get ice cream all over their hand on purpose. But here’s a video of McDonald’s manager who was hip to the game. He totally “coneblocks” an attempted coneing.

Take that, meme junkies. It’s sort of funny to watch McJobbers get shell-shocked out of their company-approved behavior scripts when you deviate from the expected transaction sequence. But it’s hilarious to watch a jerk get her comeuppance.

(Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)


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