Windows 8 misses the mark with non-touch users

For all the claims that touchpads are better and the “future” there’s quite a few of us that swear by the keyboard – nothing’s as fast. We need to stop neglecting these folks and start thining about how better to use the tools that the fastest and most efficient users already employ.

You have probably read a good dozen or even more Windows 8 related articles in the past week. With the release of the developer preview came a huge increase in articles and guides about Microsoft’s new operating system. Microsoft do their part by releasing new articles on the Building Windows 8 blog regularly. Plus, they release videos regularly and have demonstrated some of the capabilities of the operating system on the Build conference.

When you look at the posts over at the official blog you may notice a trend there. This blog is one of Microsoft’s main marketing efforts to get the word out. While it caters more to a tech savvy audience it contains vital information for all users.

I have been testing Windows 8 ever since it was released by Microsoft. I have also followed the Build conference, read every article on the Building Windows 8 site and more than a hundred on other sites.

And even though I did that, I think that Microsoft is making a mistake. When you analyze the posts you notice that Microsoft is concentrating on Metro UI big time. You also get a handful of other posts that talk about faster boot times, the new Windows Explorer or under-the-hood improvements of the operating system.

What I think is missing is official word on how computer users without touch based devices will be able to work with the operating system. If you are like me, you see the potential of the Metro UI for touch based devices. But you also see that it does not work well if you use a mouse and keyboard. I for one do not need this new interface at all. I think it slows me down, that it is impracticable to work with if a mouse and keyboard combination is used.

I know that I’m not alone in this assessment. I have talked to a few desktop only users and they all said the same. Great for touch devices, not so great for the desktop.

Microsoft could appease users like me by commenting on a question that is currently keep me from being super-thrilled about the new operating system.

What are Microsoft’s plans for desktop users who work solely with the keyboard and mouse?

I basically would like to know if Microsoft has something in store that they have not revealed yet that will make work more comfortable for desktop users under Windows 8.

This will basically determine if I will make the switch to Windows 8 once it comes out, or if I will skip the operating system completely on my desktop PC.

What’s your take on this?

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