The NYPD’s hostile management of the Wall Street Occupation

via The Awl by Choire Sicha on 9/27/11

“So even as the members of Occupy Wall Street seem unorganized and, at times, uninformed, their continued presence creates a vexing problem for the Police Department.” That’s the New York Times today, recounting how Occupy Wall Street is “VEXING” the NYPD, which is a BIZARRE take on what’s happening. (To be fair! Much of the NYPD is being friendly and good-humored about the ongoing protest downtown, as is their way. I like New York City cops!) But there are some cops who need to be fired and/or prosecuted. Like lady-macer Anthony Bologna. Hey, a word of advice to New York City’s government and police department? When you don’t take these things seriously, they fester. People get madder. Brushing off clearly documented and outlandish incidents by the NYPD, which is what the City is doing, will result in bad stuff.

Meanwhile, here is a very nice editorial from the Star-Ledger: “The nation should listen to this small Wall Street encampment, which arrives just as the president appears ready to stop coddling the rich. For one of the few times since the meltdown, there’s a group of Americans speaking on behalf of the other 99 percent.”

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