Will Toyota and Subaru save driving?

Jalopnik says yes, claiming the car is a godsend to driving purists everywhere.

I’m going to have to take a middle line: I agree that it’s going to be a nice car, but the only reason for the lack of availability is the fact that people have not wanted cars like these. I might even agree that people will like this car once they drive it, but only true enthusiasts would have wanted it enough to lobby and hold out until they had something like this available – and we can’t expect everyone to be enthusiasts, can we?

via Jalopnik by Wes Siler on 12/12/11

Lulled into stupor by your in-car DVD player and automatic butt massagers, you may not have noticed, but cars have gotten really, really boring in the last two decades. Sure, they're faster than ever — a 2011 Toyota Camry makes 21 more horsepower than a 1991 Porsche 911 — they're safer than ever and they're more luxurious than ever. But all the above have removed the whole purpose of cars: The driving itself. But change could now be on the horizon. Could a new product from the most beige of automakers forever restore the driver to his rightful place?

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