Eduardo Saverin Renounce American Citizenship, Causes Trouble:

the article takes personally that he was afforded more opportunity in the U.S. than elsewhere to become wealthy.

Personally – that’s moot. Fact remains that he was here, and that he did do well for himself. The question then becomes, how do we tax individuals that have done well, using the opportunities offered in this country and are leaving?

I can’t think of a reason to tax them any differently than any other wealthy individual, especially when the only reason Saverin stands to make money is because he’s taking advantage of a tax loophole.

Close the loophole that’s letting him retain ownership of the stock without paying capital gains when he sells, and it’s game over.

Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising, earned as much from advertisers in the states as elsewhere. Saverin’s ownership of American stock means he is as responsible for taxes in the U.S. as any American citizen.

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