Played in 2012

I listened to a lot of music in 2012 (I listened to 1,078 distinct songs 2,565 times in mediamonkey – not counting any plays on my phone) and I wanted to spend some time reflecting on what I liked.

I’m going to avoid some of the more common denominators (rick ross/drake/tiesto – looking at you) and focus on what you might not have heard.



2:54, a band made of two british sisters, put out a beautiful debut album this year. Their debut album also ended up being the most played out of all of my music (in spite of being released halfway through the year), which should serve as some sort of commentary on how good they are, or, well, how much I like their music.

The music is nothing if not consistent – it’s a little moody, sure (another online review likened it to the twilight of indie releases – a description I have mixed feelings about) but there’s a strong tone throughout the whole album. Most songs tend to stick to their formula – moody lyrics over detailed guitar work – which would be more bothersome, if they weren’t so good.

Some standouts: 

Scarlet (my favorite track)


You’re Early



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