The world’s best drivers seem to agree – mental game matters:

Justin Wilson:

I try to clear my mind from all distractions, expectations, previous frustrations of the race weekend and focus on my brake point turn in markers, and remind myself to enjoy it!

J.R. Hildebrand:

Thinking consciously about what is going on has never been something that works for me, when I’m at my best, I’m in a very subconscious zone, knowing what is happening, reacting to what is going on, but not actually thinking about it specifically. 

And my favorite, with the fastest lap as the white whale, Scott Dixon:

So in reality I guess the perfect lap is out there, but do any of us actually achieve it?

Interesting that most of the quotes stress the ability to react to changing scenarios as a reflex, rather than as a deliberate response.

How To Achieve The Perfect Lap: As Told By The World’s Fastest Drivers [Jalopnik]

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