The Subaru WRX Concept Is Different, Gorgeous

Jalopnik has detailed pictures of the new Subaru WRX concept, and it looks gorgeous.

Subaru, while iconic, has not historically made attractive cars:

Honestly, this isn’t even a WRX problem. It’s a Subaru problem. They make remarkably tough, capable, fun cars, but they’re seldom attractive. About the only good-looking Subie in recent years was the fourth-generation Legacy. The rest of them are kind of miserable-looking. Even the BRZ isn’t what I would call an elegant sports car design.

The new WRX is actually attractive, but more importantly it sets apart this new line of WRX’s from the Impreza, which has bloated up in recent years with the rest of their lineup.

As a low volume manufacturer, Subaru has had limited ability to add new models to its lineup, but recent successes in the form of the BRZ, as well as expanding sales volumes on the Impreza and Outback, means they have some more room to expand.

Many current WRX owners probably want the utility of a wagon, so there’s probably a wagon model on the horizon as well. Personally, I’d like to see a coupe, but if the sedan looks like this, outside of the show mirrors and rims, I’m in.

The Subaru WRX Concept Is So Hot It Will Melt Your Eyeballs [Jalopnik]


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