Anil Dash’s Harvard lecture on the “Web We Lost” is intriguing

Anil Dash talked at length about the structures we chose to support for the web, even as some of them chose to close themselves away.

From the linked transcript of the talk:

One result of online privately-owned public spaces is “the wholesale destruction of your wedding photos.” When people lose them in a fire, they are distraught because those photos cannot be replaced. Yet everyday we hear about a startup that “succeeds” by selling out, and then destroying the content that they’d gathered. We’ve all gotten the emails that say: “Good news! 1. We’re getting rich. 2. You’re not. 3. We’re deleting your wedding photos.”

The talk walks through a number of examples of this. This slow devolution of public rights in the face of larger and larger private institutions is definitely something to watch.

How We Lost the Web [Dashes]


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