Jaguar releases a new film advertising the F-TYPE

Aside from Damian Lewis being the man, we get some gratuitous engine noise coming from that awesome V8, and some great shots of the coupe looking pretty (even when it’s dusty). Not as much motion as I would have liked to see, but pretty good until you get to the blatant advertising portion.

Reminds me of the ads BMW released in a similar fashion years back, advertising their entire product line:

Of course, BMW did eight short films (almost a feature film in length themselves), and some of them took a considerably darker tone than the short Jaguar’s done.

It’s an interesting way to advertise, if a little more expensive. But with people spending more and more time online, it’s well worth the effort. The messaging in BMW’s films is subtle but effective – an attack on the subconscious, it ties BMW’s cars to valiant efforts and acts of heroism – you too can be as awesome as Clive Owen if you buy our cars.

The Jag’s ad is less subtle and probably less effective, but replace Owen with Lewis and you have what Jag is going for.


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