New Jersey considering per-mile electric vehicle tax

From the article:

New Jersey state Sen. James Whelan (D-Atlantic) has sponsored S2531, which, if enacted would charge EVs a fee of 0.00839 cents per mile. For the average EV being driven about 12,000 miles per year, that comes out to $100.68 in tax. That’s higher than what gasoline-powered vehicle drivers are paying. New Jersey’s current state tax is 14.5 cents per gallon. If that car drives 12,000 miles per year and gets an average of 25 miles per gallon, that would come out to $69.60 in taxes per year.

A lesser (equivalent) tax per mile makes sense, but honestly gas vehicles should receive similar taxation – cut out fuel taxes entirely.

States own and maintain roads, so they have the right to charge as necessary, and we now have the tools to measure and charge individual owners based on their real mileage. Why not do that instead of trying to earn revenue through non-congruous methods?

New Jersey considering electric vehicle tax [Autoblog]


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