Google claims to be killing off Reader because news consumption patterns have changed, misses the point entirely

Users with smartphones and tablets are consuming news in bits and bites throughout the course of the day — replacing the old standard behaviors of news consumption over breakfast along with a leisurely read at the end of the day.

Heh – ironically enough, I identified the feeds that I would clear on a daily basis for myself, and it was rare for all of those feeds to have more than 50 unread items cumulatively, because I checked those on Reader, on my phone, throughout the day. RSS remains the primary way by which I read my news – in bits and pieces, but without repetition, and most importantly, without social filters.

Neither Currents nor Facebook is a consistent way of keeping up with headlines, but choosing your own sources probably isn’t in Google’s best interests.

To think – I would have once paid Google for this service.

Google: Reader is dying because smartphone users consume news ‘in bits and bites’  [The Verge]


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