Quebec likes no-frill cars, more so than the rest of America

The Truth About Cars covered the differences in the Eastern Canadian market from the rest of America:

Unlike in America, where internet commenters demand a no-frills small car and then fail to follow through on their promise to buy one, people in Quebec really do buy these things – at one point, 1 in 2 Hyundai Accents in Canada were being sold in Quebec, and you can bet that a good portion of them had three pedals and a block-off plate where the climate control system should have been.

Flaky Americans. As a result of this, Quebec gets car variants not available anywhere else:

One of the quirks of the Canadian marketplace is the abundance of “Quebec specials”; stripped out models with no air-conditioning, a manual transmission and little else.

So I wasn’t projecting when I noticed that cars in Montreal were indeed on the smaller side.

Quebec’s Obsession With No Frills Cars | The Truth About Cars.


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