We collect data in more ways, but we are terrible at looking at it:

The comic strip DOGHOUSE DIARIES graphically approached where the data we find important is – and it looks like we have a problem.

Take pictures, for example – your pictures are probably spread across your camera (if you have one), your phone, your computer, instragram, facebook, and numerous other sources.

None has a complete record, and even if you wanted to manually create a local database, some websites will actively prevent you from doing even that.

When thing are spread out over a variety of sources, we have to work much harder to access it. While this might not be such a big deal for things like music (where the content is not created by users, and the ability to discover more and new content is an important part of the experience) I don’t think a multi-part approach makes sense for your own data – pictures, documents, social networking, etc.

Of course, you could be like me, and spend more time managing the data approach for these things (I just spent an afternoon reconfiguring backups of docs, photography and the like), but that takes all damn day.



DOGHOUSE | Someone help..

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