The Passing of a Youtube Drifter, Ten Tenths (5)

Jack Baruth of TTAC fame explains the need to drive fast:

What was the point? I now think it was as simple as a caveman wearing a bearskin. Yes, I said “a caveman wearing a bearskin.” The caveman wants to be as strong as the bear. He wants its ferocity and its courage. So, he kills the bear, skins it, and wears the fur hoping that some of the bear’s essence will transfer into him.

The occasion? You might remember that insane Russian dude in the M5 blasting around Russian streets sideways. You might know that he died in an accident.

Baruth himself claims experience with regards to speed – his “Maximum Street Speed Explained” series was an interesting editorial to say the least – and comes to a conclusion, in spite of himself.

 [I]f you’re tempted to do something like this, don’t. Not because Tevzadze died doing it, but because it’s possible to have a meaningful life doing something completely different.

To rephrase a little bit – don’t street race because you think it’s cool, because Vin Diesel looks so awesome jumping that car through that plane. It’s not cool – you’re not going to look like DeNiro in Ronin, and you’ll put your own life on the line, but more importantly, others as well.




The Passing of a Youtube Drifter [Road & Track] via TTAC


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