“Ћ” as the new symbol for “the”

Famous Australian restauranteur Paul Mathis has invented a new symbol that he hopes will replace the word “the” in everyday communications. Written much like the cyrillic letter “Ћ” and pronounced “th,” it’s a typographic ligature of an uppercase T and a lowercase h. “The word ‘and’ is only the fifth-most used word in English,” Mathis tells The Age, ‘and it has its own symbol – the ampersand… isn’t it time we accorded the same respect to ‘the’?”

In the (Ћ?) name of efficiency, I can dig it.

Ridiculous video below:

If ‘and’ is &, why can’t ‘the’ be Ћ? | The Verge.


2 thoughts on ““Ћ” as the new symbol for “the”

    1. As far as the symbol “Ћ” is concerned, the article itself acknowledges it comes from Cyrillic. Paul Mathis’s development encompasses the app he’s made for it and the video (not the symbol itself). I don’t think Mathis is trying to take ownership of “Ћ” any more than I would try to take ownership of the letter “H”. It does seem like The Verge is a bit enthusiastic when they claim he invented the symbol, but that happens occasionally.

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