Standby – 7/25

Posts are a bit slow, as the Old Reader is down and I’m in the middle of a move. Here’s my thoughts on the headlines though:

Google releases Chromecast, an Airplay like module for Android – here

(It looks highly useful, if not at its full potential. Let me stream local media from my PC and I’m sold).

The Ubuntu Edge is a unique experiment looking to separate the technically inclined from the masses – here

(An interesting phone with an interesting business model. As carriers switch to BYOD models, this type of business will be more and more attractive even to price-sensitive customers).

Chris Harris reviews the new BMW 4-series – here

(Sounds like he likes the chassis, which is the important bit, as that’s the main thing to carry into the M4. Looks good too).

Mirror City is a kaleidoscopic take on timelapses – here

(Amazing visuals – not much else to say).

On the heels of the success of the Fast and Furious movies, a Gran Turismo movie is inbound – here

(I’m already onboard).


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