There are apparently people who feel all the problems have been solved

PBS has an article on Technopessimism, the belief that we’ve invented everything worth inventing and that anything else that comes up is moot:

 Some claim that “the low-hanging fruits have all been picked.” The big inventions that made daily life so much more comfortable — air conditioning, running cold and hot water, antibiotics, ready-made food, the washing machine — have all been made and cannot be matched, so the thinking goes.

This is, of course, totally false. Just because as cavemen we didn’t imagine trains doesn’t mean trains were useless and not an important part of human progress. Similarly, just because we have no vision of what we can invent, doesn’t mean that anything that we go on to invent will be useless.

Even as people discount Twitter and micro-blogging overall as inane, societies have used that to effect change in their respective environments.  And even as people claim that we’ve found everything we need to find, researchers around the world are looking for the cure to cancer, and Elon Musk works on the Hyperloop, his plan for linking various societies.

There’s no dearth of problems to solve, only a lack of vision.

Technopessimism Is Bunk | PBS

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