Nokia might be working on an Android device, in case the buyout doesn’t happen

I typically try to avoid commenting on pure speculation, but I found the business aspect of this too interesting to not indulge:

The device, based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 8225Q chip,  was being developed and tested by Nokia’s Beijing based R&D team, and was already at somewhat advanced prototype stage. In fact, before the announcement of sale, Foxconn has already manufactured and delivered a batch of more than 10 000 prototype Mountain View units.


And now for the most interesting part. Mountain View development hasn’t stopped just yet.

While I highly doubt that a production Nokia handset running Android will emerge from this, it’s interesting enough to note that Nokia is still covering its bases with regards to the future.

What I find most telling, though, is the fact that Nokia was (is?) ready to walk out on its exclusivity agreement with Microsoft, even as Microsoft escalated.

We’ll throw this in the bucket of things just plausible enough to cater to the conspiracy theorist in me.

Nokia still working on Android phone, won’t cancel until November. Foxconn already made 10K prototypes | Unwired View

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