Envisioning Soundcloud as open-ended:

Soundcloud founder Alex Ljung discusses what they had envisioned the services being:

…it’s something I always loved about Youtube, that , you know, I can go there and find anything I’m looking for, and I can find a lot of stuff I wasn’t looking for, but that I can appreciate once I found it, and I’m frequently getting those experiences on Soundcloud now as well, which is really cool.

Soundcloud is probably one of my favorite services right now. Having used it from the beginning, the refinement and evolution it’s been through has been pretty great.

That being said, relying on users to provide a direction is interesting, but more importantly, it drives engagement – “we made something we think is cool – have at it and do what you want” works better than “click this button, do this, and go there.”

via [A VC].


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